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TELENORMA - Academy for the Innovation Prominence of German Business (AIDW)

The industry is a major driver of our prosperity and distinguishes our country from the other countries of Western Europe. To secure this development over the long term, the future project of the Federal Government's high-tech strategy began in 2011 under the name Industry 4.0. Since mid-2014, our new educational institution, the TELENORMA Academy, has made its contribution to providing more know-how in the area of Industry 4.0 and for qualification in competition-relevant topics of the economy and society.

Our experienced speakers and selected topics, in addition to the typical questions on increasing competition and qualification in business and society, also take on the skills that are associated with Industry 4.0 and / or need to be expanded and developed. Thus, TELENORMA Akademie, with its focus on Industry 4.0 and the related innovation model for the German economy, deliberately builds on the history and innovative strength of TELENORMA as a leader in innovation and as a successful German technology company, now also in the third stage of the industrial revolution.

Securing competitive advantages in companies is becoming increasingly demanding. We offer our customers all the topics and modern formats of qualified support to maintain, expand or develop an innovation prominence. Find out more about our offer and use our innovative and classic formats in accordance with the situation and requirements for a stand-alone qualification.


The TELENORMA Academy offers companies all the topics and all the support they need to maintain, expand or develop an innovation prominence. Here is a selection of our course highlights:

Leading, managing and organizing in e-business

In this seminar you will receive important tips and experience on leadership, strategic management in e-business as well as team development in the department.

  • Analysis of business processes
  • Prioritize projects
  • Make processes measurable
  • Division of tasks in the team
  • more+

Approach and issues Industry 4.0.
How to successfully implement Industry 4.0 in a company? A first definition of goals, tasks and partners.

  • IT security
  • Evaluation of "Big data"
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Standardization of protocols and
  • more+
Retail 2.0

How can retail be successful in the future?
Modern ways for more customer frequency, more sales and more profit in the trade.

  • Internet trading
  • Online marketing & regional targeting
  • Marketing automation
  • Innovative concepts of customer acquisition
  • more+

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